Ocean Depths A Darkness


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There was a time when many believed in the gods and goddesses, but that time had long passed. The deities blended into the background of this world’s system through the ages as they worked to ensure this planet’s survival. But a darkness grew between them as they saw the Earth’s oceans, her very blood being polluted, used as bombing ranges and its sea life assaulted with sonar.

Callista Ann Sunders, a California high school senior aspires to be a marine biologist. But unknown to her, she becomes entangled in the gods and goddess conflict to take over the rule of the world’s oceans from mankind. Her life and all who support King Poseidon’s rule is in the balance.

[heading size=”small” has_line=”false” align=”left”]Background[/heading]

The Ocean’s secret depths have always intrigued me. Although we have sent cameras and submersibles, both manned and unmanned we have yet to discover all of the places under our planets’ vast oceans. Being a mysterious place, the sea with its wonders captivates my imagination. I am in awe of it and the creatures that dwell there. Throughout my life I’ve had many dreams involving lakes and seas, even swamps but never rivers. Being curious about all things spiritual or of a supernatural nature, I have looked into many myths, fairy tales, and creation stories from around the world. The story of Callista and Triton got started when I yearned to discover what the roles of the gods and goddesses might be in our modern world. Because I love the ocean it stands to reason that it would begin there…within the Ocean Depths.

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Triton and Callista



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Callista as a Mermaid

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Triton saves Callista