About Me

To me, life is an adventure no matter what I believe or why I think I’m here. It’s the experience of living that I find interesting. Music, art, history, and the sciences fascinate me, but reading and writing will always be my favorite means of learning and communicating. Words can take me anywhere while I experience the picture they paint.

CL_ShermanMy favorite saying is, ‘Find Your Bliss!’ That’s what I’m doing as I write my Ocean Depths series. It’s fun, like reading one of my favorite novels as it unfolds before me. I want to entertain my intended audience and take them out of their world into the fantasy world I’ve created.

As for me, I enjoy nature, the ocean, my family/friends and animal friends and discovering new ideas. Educating myself and learning about different spiritual ideas is fun. I enjoy playing my Taylor guitar and Kawai grand piano. Creating a garden space around my home and being out in nature is part of my bliss

I’m concerned about our planet, her oceans and fresh water ways. Our planet can only take so much pollution, dumping of chemicals, sonar blasts in our oceans that destroy the internal organs of sea mammals, and bombs before we sicken it beyond its ability to heal. Once we’ve poisoned and abused it to point of its demise, where will we go? We can’t help but impact it, but why destroy it? We have the ability to nurture it and be respectful of it. But will we?

My hope for humanity is that we can work at finding our own bliss and be good to one another and our planet along the way no matter what belief systems we adhere too or what governments we live under. Is that simplistic? Yes, but often times the simpler an idea is, the easier it is to implement.

Life is interesting, hilarious, catastrophic, heartbreaking, heartwarming, and amazing and I’m glad to have a chance to live and learn. And I hope along the way that my journey may help someone else realize their bliss to the betterment of us all!

Life Highlights


Ice skating next to the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island California with my husband Jason and oldest daughter in the green jacket – Felicia, at Christmas time.


‘Miss Freckles’ the black and white long horn cow and her new brown calf we named ‘Coffeebean’, along with ‘Lily’ the light colored heifer are enjoying a leisurely afternoon on the plains of Sonoita Arizona.


The horned owl on the ground next to the gate to our pool was a constant visitor to our ranch. The large population of the rabbits and mice were his meals. He was a magnificent bird.


‘Blondie’ the Rough Coat Scottish Collie was such a beautiful puppy, and is my best doggy friend ever. She is a such a joy to live with. She watches me with patience as I write for hours and hours and hours…day after day after day.