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Cheryl Lynn Sherman

‘My favorite saying is, “Find your Bliss!” Writing my novels is just that for me. My best to you as you find your creativity, whatever it might be!’

Ocean Depths A Darkness

Callista in the truck accident

Ocean Depths A Time

Triton chuckling at Callista on the island of Nanwe

Ocean Depths A Life

Triton holding a possessed Callista



This YA debut sees teenager’s car accident expose her connection to the supposedly mythological Poseidon.
Don’t drive in the rain today.”Later, as Callista drives to pick up Tad from swim practice,a vehicle forces her truck from the rain-slicked rood, through the guardrail, and into the ocean. She struggles to escape the rapidly flooding cabin when a dashing rescuer appears. Callista’s hero is none other than Triton of Greek mythology. He gets her to the hospital, where she lies comatose thanks to the toxic sting of a stonefish. Meanwhile, Tad experiences an elaborate dream that reveals Prince Triton one trysted with Princess Nehalennia, who had been betrothed to his half brother, Proteus. This got Triton banished from poseidon’s royal family. Triton has now dedicated his life to medicine and plans to keep the bewitching Callista safe even if it means the draining of his own good like energy. In this fantasy series opener, sherman (Ocean Depths: A Time 2017) deftly explores the concepts of healing and transformation-both emotional and literal-by viewing Greek myth through a Twilight-style lens. The authors own illustration depict key moments, like Callista’s near death in the truck and Triton and Proteus in merman form, further transporting readers to the shore and beneath the sea. Though Callista spends much of her time convalescing, she does have the presence of mind to task the mysterious Triton: “Why would someone of your education, age, good looks , and health be interested in me?” Indeeded, the answer combines numerous captivating motifs (include mermaid dreams and witchcraft), yet the primary narrative arc-the romance-is paced quite slowly. Readers expecting a strong heroine may flinch at Callista’s dependence on Triton’s healing touch and lavish home. The author also throws down the gauntlet when Triton says: “Life starts from conception for us all.” Fractious events and Surprise returns clear the decks for the sequel-


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