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siren_and_sailorThe Ocean Depths series would make a wonderful movie series for my intended audience, being visually fun. The characters are mermen, mermaids, real gods, goddesses (who live among us), river and sea nymphs and witches. They’re living in La Jolla on the San Diego coast, in coastal rivers and deep out in the ocean at King Poseidon’s castle as he rules over the world’s oceans, or ‘Mother Gaea’s blood’ as deity in my story call it.

Callista Ann Sunders, my heroine is a California senior in high school who is saved by Triton, (hero, god/merman and shape-shifter) after her car rolls down the bank into the Pacific. Callista is jabbed with toxin/venom while in the ocean and freaks when her body slowly changes from human to something else. She eventually learns that Triton isn’t just a teenager like herself, but a god and merman.

Callista is a generational witch whose element is the sea and is well grounded in myth because of her mysterious Grandma Anne. Still, Callista finds all that’s happening to her and learning who Triton is, completely unbelievable and incredulous! Romance, magic and conflict over how to save the planet because of mankind’s continued abuse of it is the back drop for all the drama in the series.

Tethys_OD_ A_TimeBook two, Ocean Depths A Time is almost ready to be published.

The conflict continues as the hero and heroine try to solve some of it. It involves time travel back into my heroes past (Prince Triton) on Pitcairn Island which Triton calls, ‘Nanwe’ before the Bounty gets there. Callista has to convince Triton that he and she are dear friends and more, quite a daunting task.

Book three Ocean Depths A Life is 100 pages in as the adventure, drama, romance and conflict continue! Book four Ocean Depths A Dream is just the title, but that’s all I need for it to LIVE! As I progress, the ideas for the rest of the series will come to me. Triton and Callista will see to it. They want their story told!


Callista Ann Sunders is a young woman that wants to live her life caring for the world’s oceans. But her life is rearranged beyond her wildest hopes and fears. As one door closes, another opens and her world changes forever.

Triton Pacii is in the medical field, a man of means who cares for ‘others’, the oceans, and humanity. His abilities and secrets fuel his life choices. He isn’t what he appears and yet he is.

Tad James Sunders loves his twin sister Callista and his family. His charm makes life easier in the midst of chaos. In the end is there more to this ladies man then his smile?

Proteus sees humanity abusing the oceans on our planet. But his perception of how to alleviate this is distorted by his best friend and secret lover. Will his choices destroy everything he really loves?